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Guitar Music for Comfort

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If you have found this site chances are that  you are suffering. I hope you may find comfort through my music.


You are listening to Release from The Phases of Eve. I wrote this piece while my father was receiving the gift of home hospice care. 

The music on "RELEASE" is designed specifically to give comfort to those who are in pain, afraid, overwhelmed, or grieving.
In my years as a concert artist, I have found the most meaning in playing for those who are vulnerable. I have found that certain pieces appeal strongly to those who are in physical or emotional pain.
"RELEASE" is meant to act as a musical massage for the battered spirit.

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I believe that music is the language of the spirit. It expresses that which we are often able to put into words. It clarifies emotions which we may not be able to define.


Music is a great comfort. It cleanses our minds and emotions. It gives us a rest from the incessant chatter of our thoughts.


Music inspires. It shows us a pure world far removed from our harried day-to-day existences and encourages us to strive for a world of beauty.


My desire as a musician is to communicate. To give comfort with my music. To inspire and be inspired. To fill my listener with the desire to see, to feel, to act. To open the gates to the beautiful world that lies within us- a world that is filled with possibilities.

- Susan McDonald -

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