H O T F L A S H E S !

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When you're slicing celery, stirring soup and simmering sauces, you need just the right music to inspire you.



You wouldn't want to be too tame at a time like this but you certainly wouldn't want to endure an aural assault. You might want to read a recipe or shout out orders to your sous-chef, after all.


You want Hot Flashes- yes, Hot Flashes! You never thought you'd wish for that, but we all do so many things we never thought we'd do. Sometimes we just can't control ourselves.


I have taken it upon myself to write, arrange and record some guitar music just for you, my flavorful friend, because I can't bear the thought of your living a sad, lonely existence in your silent little kitchen.


You certainly don't want your auditory muse to be boring (ugh!) or tasteless (pshew!). You want to be able to samba without sloshing your sherry. You want music that stirs you with a soupcon of rhythm.



After all, who wants cold Crepes Suzette or tepid tempura? Steak Diane without the sparks is just stale steer. Dull, dull dull...

photo by David Stence

I want for you to pour yourself a glass of wine, take off your shoes and dance while you dice.
- Susan McDonald -

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