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Artist Ambassador Program
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Our program participants become ambassadors of peace, acting as inspiration for people of all nationalities. Their firsthand experience living in regions of conflict, their considerable artistic talent and enduring courage and strength help to inspire and guide others in similar situations.

Mesopotamian Guitar Orchestra - Erbil, Iraq
sponsored by YES Academy Iraq 2017

We offer musical performances and artist workshops in partnership with other NGO's in hospitals, orphanages, refugee camps and other locations within areas of isolation or conflict

Ensemble Enkidu - Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi
sponsored by YES Academy Iraq 2013

We partner with NGOs to offer teacher training in areas of conflict or isolation so that the teachers can help their students to find a way out of desolation

Teacher training in Lebanon
in partnership with YES Academy Lebanon

We engage with universities and community organizations to sponsor projects and to provide scholarships for artists in the midst of conflict or isolation.

Taous Guitar Orchestra of Syria and Lebanon
sponsored by YES Academy Lebanon 2015

Butterfly wings in Iraq as a symbol of hope