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Our Artist Ambassadors are leaders in their communities, inspiring those around them through their dedication to service and their artistic integrity.



Balambo Jamal Tahir is a peace-maker, author, musician and composer. He was born in a refugee camp in Iran in 1992 to Kurdish parents who had fled Halabja, site of the 1988 chemical weapons attack by Iraqi Regime which left more than 5000 innocent children, women and men dead. He has witnessed and lived in trauma, depression and the harm caused by ideological, political, social war, religious extremism. Through the arts and by educating himself, Balambo has been able to channel his experiences into helping his community to understand the value of coexistence peace, openness acceptance and freedom. Balambo published his first book o Persian traditional music in 2013 and graduated with a Bachelors degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Halabja in 2015.  He is on the board of Subartu Institute of Ethnomusicology, Manager at Middle-East Sustainable Peace Organization and former program manager at YES Academy Kurdistan.



Abeer Krounfleh is a classical guitarist and teacher, singer, and professor of French literature who lives in Damascus, Syria. Her greatest passions lie in working to inspire children through through her work teaching at several schools and regular performances for children with physical and developmental difficulties. She continues her leadership role as the Assistant Director of the Taous Guitar Orchestra of Syria and Lebanon.
A talented alto, singer, Abeer is a member of the Syrian Chamber Choir, which gave the last performance in Palymyra before the ancient archaeological treasure was destroyed by ISIS. She has learned to face fear head on and to turn experiences of trauma into beauty which serves to inspire all around her.

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